Download the Marine Defender app to report and map oil pollution and marine debris.

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What is the Marine Defenders app?

Oil is a toxin

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Join the fight against oil spills and marine debris!

It’s easy to feel powerless when it comes to pollution in the world's ocean. Now you can do something about it!

The Marine Defenders App is powerful new tool for reporting oil spills and other pollution in the water. Real time reporting with real results!

This is crowd-sourcing at its best!

It's very simple to use, but the implications are enormous. The app allows you to photograph and GPS map pollution that you find floating around in the water (or on land, for that matter).

It's enabled for the whole world (as long as there is a cell phone or internet access).

The goal is to create a network of Marine Defenders who are looking for and mapping oil pollution and marine debris. Imagine if this app had existed during the Gulf spill, instead of anecdotal reports of oiled animals and oil in the marshes there would have been photos with real GPS coordinates and date stamped for all the world to see....

When you report an oil spill or marine debris with the Marine Defenders app, your report is sent to our database, where it appears on an interactive google map.

Oil spill reports are also sent to the National Response Center, which is the federal agency responsible for receiving oil and chemical spill reports. The NRC will inform the US Coast Guard of the incident, which will prompt a real response to your pollution event.


How to use the Marine Defenders App

The Marine Defenders App FAQ

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